Power Plant Consultancy

POWERTECH provides a full range of engineering services from project development and studies to operations and maintenance services. Specializing in the field of Energy, Power and Chemical projects, we are well positioned and qualified to meet the global needs. POWERTECH focuses mainly on Basic Engineering, Detailed engineering, Project Management, Technology and Procurement services.


Liquid Sodium Silicate Plant & Precipitated Silica Plant From RHA

Rice husk Ash (RHA) is a unique waste material which can be utilized to obtain valuable chemicals. This waste generated out of burning husk in Boilers, create huge pollution problem when dumped in open land or in water. Chemicals can be made by using such waste. The technology of converting RHA to sodium silicate is a novel process developed by us.


Energy Savings Cooling Tower

  • In Jet tower air current is produced by Jet Effect
  • Jet nozzles are placed at the top of the tower
  • When water comes out of nozzles, it pushes surrounding air downwards by Jet effect
  • This air is drawn out of tower from the bottom, through side eliminators (louvers)

HICLEAR STP & ETP Project Supplier

The first step is pre-aeration. Here the raw sewage is briefly aerated and allowed to over flow to contact aeration chamber. On the first impact with the contact media quoted with enzyme, the BOD load drops significantly. At contact aeration chamber, the waste is aerated, which helps grow MLSS (Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids). The MLSS overflows to sedimentation chamber for effective liquid – solid separation. The thick sludge is returned to the aeration chamber while the clear supernatant is allowed to flow out for disposal.


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